An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

The Words Get In The Way

 An important event in my life…something that defines who I am. Ordinarily this assignment would be fairly tricky for me, but thanks to my misunderstanding as to when the assignment was done, the professor was kind enough to give me a ten minute limit to think of something last class. Now, I was able to think of something; the first time I read my favorite book, and how it made me see the world differently. But it made me realize something: most of the most formative moments in my life seemed to revolve books, and how they changed the way I thought. That in and of itself is something I don’t regret; I’ve never been happier than when I read a good story that made me think. But I do worry that I haven’t seen enough of life firsthand. As Terry Pratchett said, “You can’t see the world through books, the reason being the words get in the way.” 


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