An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

Trying To Decide…

What I need to do…

So I’ve been working on a story for a Clive Barker contest. It hasn’t, to put it simply, been going as well as I hope. The more I think of it, the more I wonder if I’ve come as far as I can with short stories. In this day and age they just aren’t as popular as they used to be. That, I think, died with the great Ray Bradbury. Any writer worth their salt that wants to get some kind of recognition on a mass scale really has to write a novel. 

I have got some ideas that I want to develop. Now at this point, I’m nowhere near as idealistic as I used to be: writing a novel is going to be hard. It is going to suck. It is NOT going to be fun. 

But what the hey. I said I wanted to be a writer. I said I wanted to prove that I could make something lasting from it. Perhaps it is time to put aside the lesser projects, at least for a while, and buckle down to really push my creativity to its limits. 


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