An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

“Leftovers” Accepted!

Holy….so one minute you’ve been getting rejection after rejection after rejection, and start to wonder if you should start collecting them, and the next you’re seeing those semi-mythical beings known as acceptance letters. “Leftovers” has been accepted for Fringeworks’ “The Last Diner” anthology.

Before I was starting to wonder if standards for fiction are just lowering. But this is a UK publisher! And the United Kingdom and everyone in it cannot be at fault in any possible way whatsoever. So that means in a roundabout way I am being accepted by the people of the country of my dreams. 

(Yes, I am something of an Anglophile, if you’re wondering). 

So if anybody needs me, I’m gonna be crouching under an umbrella looking out for the other shoe. 


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