An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

Big Trouble in Little Canton

Probably a bit overdue that I should mention this, but…



I first saw Jason Daniel Myers on the First Friday of October in Canton, Ohio, where a sort of annual festival is held. I didn’t go up to talk to him, dragged along as I was by my friends who thought he was a religious nut, but I was instantly intrigued. After checking out the link on his sandwich board and finding his Kickstarter campaign I went beyond intrigued and right into “dangerously enamored.” A monthly serialized fiction project about dark happenings right here in Ohio…the idea was just too beautiful to pass up. 

I asked him if there was any room for outside creative input. He was kind enough to read “Hands Free,” and decided that I was just weird enough to be useful. One feature of the project will be Postcards from the Heart of Darkness, in which subscribers will be able to receive postcards from characters that hint at the true nature of locations in Ohio. Guest authors to pen these postcards will include Andrew Kozma, Ken Watson, Corey Paulus, and yours truly! 

So keep an eye out, and be prepared! 


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