An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

Knee-deep in NaNoWriMo

I definitely need to get in the habit of making these updates as and when they happen, not after the fact.

Anywho. November is National Novel Writing Month.

This is not exactly a contest, but a period where like-minded writers can urge each other over the hump of writing 50,000 words by the end of November (about 1,667 words a day). For those who, like me, want to get in the habit of writing more in one sitting, it’s a useful tool regardless. This year I’ve decided to try my hand at it. 

So far I have 4,044 words of a novel I’ve been thinking on for a while. This is NOT going to be complete by the end of November; merely a first draft to give me something to work with. 50,000 words isn’t that long a book, but it is definitely a good start. I have no idea how long the book will really be yet. 

I’m not gonna lie: it will be painful. Hemmingway said to find a typewriter and bleed, and I have no doubts that by the end of this month my arms will be scarred enough to give my family legitimate concerns. That’s why I’m also hoping to make more connections amongst my fellow writers this month. Tomorrow I’ll be attending a meetup at the Karma Cafe in Canton. I’ll let you know what transpires! 


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