An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

Keep On Keeping On

Ultimately, I failed at NaNoWriMo. I made it halfway through the month and ended up with just under one-hundred words for my novel, “The Puppeteer’s Sanctuary,” before Finals and family life got on top of me. Since then I’ve run into a bit of a slump with the novel and have been trying to regain some slight measure of my creativity working at other projects. To wit:

1. Finishing up “The Man Who Defied The Library,” a short story I started some time ago.

2. Writing a story called “The Doll Bordello.”

3. Working at another novel idea in the hopes that it would either come to me easier or help jog my mind loose and get the other novel going again.

Throughout all that I’ve sorely neglected this WordPress. I have to remember that, if I want to get any kind of following for my writing, I need to make a connection with people. This doesn’t come naturally to me, and between work, writing, school and life in general this site tends to be the least of my priorities.

I have to fix that. Maybe it’s time I started posting more content on here from the stories I’m working on. Nowadays a lot of artists are working harder to reach out to their audiences, offering more for less. So far I’ve been sending out stories with abandon to other magazines hoping enough people will take notice. Obviously this strategy is flawed.

I’ll think on it. Meantime, here’s my resolution: once a week I WILL post updates on this WordPress. 


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