An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

The Balance of Story Tellers

So I’ve just seen “Saving Mr. Banks.” It was, to be blunt, pretty damn good. I have a soft spot for stories about writers, particularly ones that show the struggle of coping with the world as it is and imagining something that’s better. It had the best kind of ending: the kind that promises no vindication, does not guarantee a happily ever after, but gives just a hint that something has changed. Whether or not it was a good change is left for us to decide. 

Apart from making me want to read “Mary Poppins” as soon as possible, the movie made me realize that some days it really does feel good to be a storyteller. I may not be part of that fraternity, but I wanna believe I’m getting there. Pamela Travers wrote something that meant so much to her. People read it, and loved it, but the important thing is that she told it. 


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