An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

A Review, A Rejection, And An Update

A lovely little review was posted on Goodreads about Mystery and Horror, LLC’s All Hallow’s Evil anthology, with special mention of my own story. “Pact of the Lantern” was described as phenomenal and “the real diamond in this bunch.” Gotta admit, that made me ridiculously giddy. It was also suggested that the story would make an excellent book for young readers (swearing carefully excised, of course). It’s an intriguing idea. Filing that away under Food For Thought.

I’ve received yet another rejection for “Beauty is Skin,” formerly titled “Skin Deep,” formerly titled “A Story for Megan Mars.” Never mind, submission is a game of chance. I can keep going as long as I have an arm to pull and time to spend, with the added bonus that it doesn’t cost me anything save the yearly $50 subscription to Duotrope. 

The college semester brings with it my Fiction Writing II and Play Writing classes, which hopefully will likewise bring the opportunity for further inspiration. At the moment I’m up to twelve pages for “The Doll Bordello,” the first half of which I plan on presenting for my first Fiction assignment. The story seems to be extending further than I was intending, and I’m getting the curious notion that I might just be able to stretch this out into a novelette, or even a novella. Feeling good about this, I have to say. Which, in a weird way, makes me worried. Somewhere there’s an airborne pair of shoes just waiting to drop. 


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