An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

Fairy Tales and Friends

Tonight I was privileged to visit the Translations gallery in Canton to attend a VIP opening for “A Long Time Ago: The Fairy Tales of Mandy Altimus Pond.

It was an interesting show. Miss Pond’s work is part symbolism and part narrative, each section of photos staging a retelling of the famous tales of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, incorporating medieval costuming and a dash of steampunk for good measure.

I was invited by Jason Daniel Myers, the genius behind the Big Trouble in Little Canton project, who I contacted in October. This was my first time meeting him face-to-face, and I am happy to say he is as nice as he is eccentric. I also met Corey Paulus, one of the other contributors to the Big Trouble.

If there is one time when the doubt that I am doing a useful thing being a writer disappears, it’s when I meet such kindred spirits as these. There are dreamers in the world, asking for nothing more than to put a unique spin on things that captivates and commands attention. We may not want to change the world, but we at least want to imagine how it could be different.


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