An Amateur Author's Odyssey to Recognition

Well. Now What?

I’ve written a book.

To be fair, I’ve written a collection of short stories disguised as a novel. Current working title is “The Psalterdemalion” (psalter being a small book of psalms, and tatterdemalion being a man clothed in multiple rags and tatters). The central narrative details the quest of D’shall, an opportunistic story thief who finds a mysterious underground library, where zealous writers escaped to turn their suffering into stories. D’shall picks his way through the discarded tales, hoping to make his fortune.

I know that collections of short stories are not considered a financially sound prospect for publishers. Still, I wouldn’t have gotten this far by worrying too much about how things are done. I’m going to look into agents, first and foremost, and see what they might tell me. Will decide from there what to do.


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